Commercial Flooring Solutions

Flooring takeoffs and material reports.

Solutions for Commercial Flooring Installers and General Contractors.

In the dynamic world of commercial flooring, where scale and precision converge, Flooring Estimator stands as a beacon of reliability for installers and general contractors alike. We understand the intricacies of expansive spaces, the demands of tight schedules, and the need for impeccable detail in every corner. Leveraging our advanced CAD drafting and professional estimating tools, we offer solutions that speak directly to the heart of commercial challenges — from large-scale color-coded plans to exhaustive material reports. With over 20 years of industry experience, we ensure that your commercial projects not only meet the standard but set new ones. Elevate your commercial flooring endeavors with a partner who understands your world. Let’s collaborate and redefine excellence.

Our commercial solutions include:

  • Color coded floor layouts .
  • Layouts can include client logo.
  • Every layout includes material legend.
  • Detailes material reports.
  • Reports include specified waste.
  • Wall base and transitions details.

Sample Flooring Takeoffs

Offices - Sample Layout

Offices – Renovation

The document is part of a very large renovation encompassing over 13,000 square yards of broadloom, carpet tiles, LVT, SDT transitions, and wall base.

View pdf

Dormitory - Sample Layout

Dormitory – New Construction

The linked pdf shows the flooring layout for one of the newly constructed buildings. Carpet tiles, LVT, and wall base are clearly marked.

View pdf

Medical Offices - Sample Layout

Medical Offices

The layout was prepared for the medical offices and shows the location of LVT being installed throughout and accounts for the specified wall base.

View pdf

Sample Material Reports

Offices – Materials Report

The report is part of a larger package accounting for carpet tiles, LVT wall base, and transitions.

View pdf

Dormitory Sample Materials

Dormitory – Materials Report

The report is part of a larger package, including material calculations required to install carpet tiles, VCT, and wall base.

View pdf

Medical Offices – Materials Report

This material report was prepared for a company bidding on labor to install LVT and wall base.

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