Residential Flooring Solutions

On site measuring, custom layouts and flooring realted labor brakdowns.

Solutions for Designers, Carpet Workrooms and Floor Covering Retailers

For over two decades, Flooring Estimator has been the trusted partner for designers and carpet workrooms catering to residential spaces. We recognize the unique challenges of home flooring, ensuring every square foot is considered with precision. Utilizing advanced CAD drafting and estimating tools, we offer solutions tailored for homes — from color-coded layouts that simplify material placement to detailed labor breakdowns that ensure no detail is overlooked. Our commitment to excellence ensures that every residential project not only meets but exceeds expectations. Ready to transform your residential flooring projects? Reach out to us and experience the difference.

Our Solutions Include:

  • Professional flooring measures
  • Integrated site images
  • pdf files (AutoCAD upon request)
  • Material Layouts
  • Broadloom cuts calculations
  • Required labor breakdowns

Sample Measures

Stairs and Hall - Sample Measure

Measure Job – Hallway and Four Staircases

The document contains drawing of existing runners and images showing the existing installation. Curved stairs were scanned with LIDR technology.

View pdf

Media Room - Sample Layout

Measure Job – Basement

This measure was prepared during the major renovation of the residential basement. Images are tagged to clearly communicate existing floor conditions in multiple locations.

View pdf

Apartment - Sample Measure

Measure Job – Apartment

The measure was prepared in the early stage of apartment renovation located in Manhattan. The drawing captures details of slanted walls and includes the outline of the proposed area rug.

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Sample Layouts

Residential - Stair Runner

Layout – Stair Runner Sourced from Antique Area Rugs

This layout was produced to aid the design team in sourcing area rugs for custom runner installation in a historical estate.

View pdf

Media Room - Sample Layout

Layout – Home Theater – Broadloom

The drawing was prepared for the team planning the new Home Theater broadloom installation.   It includes a carpet runner used on stairs leading to the room.

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Hall and Stairs - Sample Layout

Layout – Hallway and Stairs  – Broadloom

This layout aided the design team in estimating intricate hall and stairs installation. As always, we have accounted for pattern repeat of the material design.

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