In-Field Measuring and Estimating Services for Flooring Businesses

Assisting Design Firms, Carpet Workrooms, Floor Covering Retailers, and General Contractors for over 20 years.

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Why You Should Use Us?

Ever tried to fit a square peg in a round hole? That’s what it’s like when you rely solely on real estate plans or general architectural drawings for flooring installations. Often, they’re not precise enough and optimized for flooring projects. That’s where we come in!

    • Precision is our middle name. We don’t just measure; we measure with flooring in mind. By using our in-field measuring services, you can sidestep those costly errors that pop up when relying on general plans.
    • All about the floor. From broadloom and custom materials to tiles and other coverings, our plans and layouts are dialed in specifically for your flooring needs. No more trying to make do with generalized layouts; get one that’s tailor-made for you.

So, why settle for ‘good enough’ when you can have perfection?

Who Are Our Clients?

Residential Flooring Estimating Service

Design Firms, Carpet Workrooms and Floor Covering Retailers

We offer a range of solutions for professionals involved in the planning and installation of residential floor covering products such as flooring layouts, cutting diagrams, related labor calculations and in field flooring measures in New York Metropolitan Area.

Commercial Flooring Estimating Service

Commercial Flooring Installers and General Contractors

Professional solutions for planning and execution of a large-scale floor covering installation projects such as flooring takeoffs, material breakdowns, flooring layouts for all types of floor coverings (broadloom, carpet tiles, LVT, VCT wall base, transitions and many other). 

In Field Measuring

We offer commercial and residential floor measuring services in New York City and the Greater Metropolitan Area.

Floor Plan Takeoffs

We offer detail takeoffs and estimates for residential and commercial flooring projects.

How Do We Make You Shine Brighter?

At Flooring Estimator, we’re all about precision and clarity. Here’s how we work our magic: 

  • Our tools? Only the best! We wield professional CAD drafting and estimating software, ensuring spot-on plans and meticulous layouts for both residential and commercial ventures.
  • Our layouts are more than just drawings. They echo the specifics of the installation and spell out every material and service you’ll need.
  • Bids made easy: With every bit of info in our plans, your workrooms and installers can whip up labor quotes in a jiffy.
  • Pictures worth a thousand words: Our site snaps, paired with marked plans, give a vivid picture of critical spots.
  • Want competitive bids? Our clear-as-day requirements mean you can shop around, getting quotes from multiple workrooms.
Floor Plan

Sample Measures

Floor Plans with Measurements

Floor plans will be delivered in scaled pdf files with images of the work area. Upon request, all floor plans can be printed and delivered to the client in any size.

Floor Layout

Sample Layouts

Color-Coded Plans and Seaming Diagrams

Our floor layouts are color-coded so each material location is easily identifiable.

Material Report

Sample Reports

Material Quantity Reports

Our reports include a detailed breakdown showing quantities of all specified materials including wall base. 

Request More Information

For inquiries about pricing or to learn more, please use the message box below. Feel free to ask any questions or describe what you’re seeking.

Flooring Estimating Services Done Right, Accurately, Quickly and On Your Schedule.

Working on larger projects and need professional flooring takeoffs? Give us a chance to become your preferred Commercial Flooring Estimator.

Having trouble planning your flooring project and needing accurate flooring layouts and precise flooring measures? Let us become your Residential Flooring Estimator.

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